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Co-Creating with Angels and Multi-Dimensional Realms

Join energetic and spiritual healer Myree Morsi on a joyous two-day journey into the subtle worlds of spirit.

Over this weekend you will craft your own spirit support team that is aligned with your personal and health needs, calling and purpose in life. This team of evolved, multi-dimensional beings can be life long allies and a permanent source of healing all your life.

You will learn skills and tips on how to weave the healing, support, wisdom, and magic of your spirit team into your everyday life.

This training will empower you in your own direct relationship with your spirit team, so that you are not reliant on anyone else for this connection and support.

Myree is also dedicated to supporting awakening around the world, and thus you will discover how to utilize your spirit team to support the expansion of awareness, awakening, and the embodiment of consciousness into your system and life as you evolve.

This work can be truly life changing!

What to expect from Workshop:

  • Gain clear wisdom and direct experiences of how to connect to your spirit team, angels and guides.
  • Learn to communicate with them in ways that are aligned and easeful for who you are, your gifts and sensitivities
  • Explore and release fears and beliefs that obstruct having a clear and open relationship and easeful communication with your spirit team.
  • Craft a spirit team that is designed to specifically support your life, calling and complexities of what you are here to experience in the many levels of your life.
  • Learn how I work with my spirit team in my life, my awakening and in my transformational healing work.
  • On day two we will specifically add team members from different realms of support, using my spirit team to guide you to the resources and connections that are most appropriate for you.
  • Discover how co-creation with your spirit team can support your awakening, Kundalini and spiritual growth.
  • Understand how to use the support of your spirit team to guide and support your evolution, the processes of spiritual purification and clearing of obstructions.
  • Be shown how your spirit team can bring protection and safety, and how you can create a safe and clear container with them.
  • Learn to co-create with your spirit team in your everyday life.

There will be an emphasis on healing with your spirit team and thus there will be many opportunities to heal with your spirit team’s healing magic during the weekend.

Enjoy everyday Spirit Magic!

What participants have said about Spirit Magic:

“This course was gentle yet so very powerful and profound. I have done a “spirit guide course” previously, years ago, but it was nothing compared to this. I now have a very clear and direct experience of connecting to angels and guides and direct knowing of how to work with them to support my own healing and life. Thank you so much, beautiful and enriching beyond words.”

Kym Wilson, Melbourne

“Myree’s ability and gifts in transferring knowledge and experience of communing with spirit beings is profound. And her generosity in sharing this with others is boundless. Thank you Myree, a brilliant workshop!”

C.B. Melbourne

“I am forever grateful that you held this workshop, this is the change I was looking for as I have healed deep, deep inner trauma that I felt it was too impossible to heal. I am coming more in alignment with myself and my gifts. It’s like a dream and finally its coming true. My spirit team also thanks you for helping me consciously connect with them.

Hulya Yaman, Melbourne.

“The best aspect for me in this training is that for the first time ever I felt comfortable to be me and explore new aspects of myself and the higher realms. Blows my mind! Myree presented the course in a very gentle yet dynamic way for us to safely explore the universal connections we are diversely discovering. It has changed my view of the world and the universe”

JS, Melbourne.

“After my long disconnection from Spirit, Myree created a workshop that allowed me to safely traverse the spiritual landscape again, free from fear and self-doubt. It allowed me to let go and clear out old beliefs that had been loitering for more than twenty years. Thank you Myree!

Renee, Melbourne

“Myree holds a universal space on the Earth in extraordinary ways, to bolster and fine tune our innate abilities to connect to higher realms. Expect major life changes and new directions, as the world “awakens” in diverse, positive ways. Each of us has a job to do to shift the planet’s energies and Myree has been instrumental in shining light on our respective life paths.”

Jeffers, Melbourne

“I finally understand the universal connections I have with my light beings and spirit beings, who have been enlightening me during my awakening.

R, Melbourne

Time and Dates:

Saturday and Sunday, February 29 and March 1, 2020.

Venue: The Michael Room at The Michael Centre.
Warranwood, Melbourne


The only and important prerequisite in this course is that you have an ability to connect to your feelings and the sensations in your body, that you can feel and sense them, and follow them a little or that you have some connection to your intuition. We will explore many channels of awareness and importantly we will use your intuitive body as a compass in your connection to spirit. If tuning your body and feelings is not something you have awareness of this is likely not the right course or perhaps yet the right timing for you. If you are uncertain and would love to attend, please feel free to email Myree via the contact form and she can explore with you your relationship with feeling and body awareness and see if this is a good fit for you. Myree’s deepest desire is that you have the best experience of Spirit Magic possible. If you can feel your feelings, feel your body, have some intuition or have been doing inner work of any kind where you connect to or explore your body and feelings then you are all set for Spirit Magic!


An Early Bird special of US$380 is available until February 9, 2020. After that the course is US$500.

A two-month payment plan is available for purchase until January 28, 2020.