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I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul.


Has 2020 been monumentally tough or somewhat challenging for you?

Do you long for replenishment from a deeper well than you have been able to access?

You may have wrestled with COVID-19, economic pressures, lockdowns, uncertainty about the future, all kinds of losses and little access to the things that normally nourish us. The collective field has been overwhelming at times and heavy to deal with. Day after day it can feel like ground hog day. And then you had a bumper eclipse system to tighten the container even more.

Like many in this community, you may be faced with re-entering lock down again. Especially in both the USA and parts of Australia.

As we turn into the second half of the year are you:

  • Feeling tired, depleted, confused, flattened, a bit lost?
  • Seeking soul food, nurturance, healing and something meaningful to renew the inner spark?
  • Looking to release some of the tensions and impacts of the past months from all levels of your being
  • Would you simply like to take a break from the everyday world and dive into the sacred space of your soul?
  • Are you curious about communing with your soul?
  • Would you love to build a soul relationship within that can guide you in the coming months?

How does a carefully crafted soul retreat sound to you?

Join me in a deep dive to the realms of soul in this Soul Renewal Retreat where we will nourish you to your core.

In this beautiful, high resonance retreat you will enjoy:

  • Being lovingly held in a high vibrational field of consciousness, love and healing
  • Infusing with the new cosmic consciousness arriving on the planet throughout
  • Befriending Your Soul
  • Communing and communicating with your soul in powerful and surprising ways that translate to everyday living
  • Discovering how you can connect to your soul in any moment for the rest of your life
  • Receiving messages, insight, love and healing from your soul. Your soul adores you!
  • Allowing your soul itself to heal and recover
  • Exploring in a group of sensitive, like minded souls and travel together as sacred, safe community
  • Be guided by Myree, a long time voyager and shamanic explorer of the realms of soul

Seeing the soul, meeting at soul essence


You will access a variety of awakening tools to explore realms of soul and heal.


Expect to:


  • Jump start with a gentle, 60 minute Kundalini Yoga class designed to release stress, tension, fatigue and depression from your system and energize you.
  • This will include a Kundalini Yoga meditation to elevate your awareness and help you feel good, fresh, expanded and attuned for soul exploring
  • From here you will dive deep realms of soul for an all-systems-go immersion in your most eternal nature
  • You will learn about the nature of soul, how to experience it, the manner that soul travels from lifetime to life time and what it carries on it’s travels, and where it’s core residence is in your body. And so much more essential soul know-how.
  •  Then we will open sacred, shamanic dreaming pathways and you will dream directly into your soul itself. It is already waiting for you!
  • You will use movement, creativity, sensory awareness, pranayama and Process Oriented framework to tenderly discover direct connection and communion with your soul.
  • All the way you will be sensitively and loving guided by Myree and allowed to unfold into realms of consciousness that truly heal
  • Finally you will complete with some deep soul bathing and realignment.

This will be a profoundly loving, healing and joyous day.

The event will include small breaks for tea and snacks to fuel you onwards. BYO snacks of course!



Previous participants in Myree’s soul retreats have found them life changing, transformative and healing on all levels.

“This event was so powerful! What an amazing event for everyone involved! Wow! I didn’t have any expectations and it was waaaay more life changing than I ever imagined. I feel so lucky to have been a participant. I felt different after this past weekend. I reported the lowest pain level ever to my Physical Therapist on Monday. I felt joy, safety, love.” 

AH, Lexington KY USA

“The soul events that Myree shared were powerfully healing and transformative. Myree holds a radical presence for others energetically. One that allows energetic changes to occur for those in her loving presence. She has many gifts that I have never seen in other teachers, that enable students to have profound experiences with their souls and higher selves.

Myree is a great, great gift to humanity. I see the work she shares being exponentially needed in the collective. May all communities come together for such beautiful healing, so that humanity may ascend into a higher vibration of truth and love.”

Jessica Lichaa, Radically Rooted Yoga, Lexington, KY USA

“The inspiring sessions that Myree recently led in Kentucky have brought me immense joy, creativity and a spirit of hope in my life and community. Myree’s beautiful ways of guiding breath and chants have opened new possibilities of openness of life and love. I look forward to learning more and more from the loving wisdom of Myree.”

Terri B. Lexington, Kentucky

“I thought my soul abandoned me, only to discover in this retreat that it was I who abandoned my soul. My soul told me she was still here for me and invited me back within her. I returned to my Soul and I feel profoundly healed. I am still healing.”

Anon., Lexington, KY USA.

Join me in this sacred retreat for Soul renewal and nourishment on all levels.


Your soul is waiting for you to answer its call.




5.5-hour online retreat on Zoom platform

International Dates and Start Time:

USA West Coast 3.30pm PDT, August 1

USA East Coast 6.30pm EDT, August 1

Australia, 8.30 am Melbourne time, August 2

UK 11.30pm August 1

EU 12.30am August 2

A recording will be available for you to enjoy afterwards. You can explore the exercises again and again at your leisure. If you cannot make the live class you can use the recording to create your own private, soulful immersion and retreat.



Early Bird Investment of US$127 and after July 28 the course is US$157.

A payment plan is available.

Scholarships for BIPOC: 

In alignment with my commitment to be an ally for the BIPOC community, there are some scholarship places available for anyone in this community who is BIPOC. It has been an intense year and you are lovingly welcome to be held here. Please email via the contact page and Team Myree will be in touch with you.



Q: I am new to yoga, can I still attend?

A: Yes, Kundalini Yoga is very open to all beginners and all levels of experience. This class is a gentle yet potent class that is accessible for all. Myree will be offering variations on poses for those who would enjoy a simpler pose to care for their body as needed.

Q: I am keen and it might be late where I live. If I need to leave early and catch up on the recording is that ok?

A:  Yes, absolutely, this community is based all around the world and some folks will be called to sleep earlier than others. You are free to honour your needs as they arise throughout the day. Know also that the end of the class will be gentle and soothing also, a perfect way to drift off for a peaceful, healing sleep.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations can be made for a $10 administration fee up until July 25. After July 25 any cancellation will incur a $50 cancellation fee.

Honouring your soul.



I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.

Nelson Mandela.