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Let’s continue to build and enjoy sacred, safe, uplifting and loving Kundalini community!

In these monthly Kickass Kundalini Lab classes we will continue our journey exploring awakening and Kundalini and how these intersect with the tasks of our everyday life. And just what is happening to us as we get “woke”. Together we will flourish as we wake up.

You have built a solid foundation of wisdom and understanding of Kundalini through the Kickass Kundalini six-week training.

Now you will dive deeper.

Each class will begin with a short discussion of an aspect of awakening that interests you most.

There will be an opportunity to share in the Facebook community what you are most needing to learn or are curious about. Myree will then curate this into an offering.

We will then open up for group discussion and sharing. We may explore in small break out groups when aligned to foster more intimate connection and hang out in new ways.

The remaining larger portion of the class will then be dedicated for individual and group coaching, individual check-ins and sweet, powerful and profound opportunity to explore awakened awareness, to unfold the places we are uncertain, stuck or scared and fall in to the vast space of who we really are.

Being in a sacred space that unfurls and deepens awakening is one of the most precious opportunities of being alive. It is magical. When we meet in the intersection between our vulnerability and our deepest truth we know without knowing who we really are. In this divine space, when one person heals, we all heal.

Myree will also support anyone who is shy or quiet to find ways to share and receive support that they are comfortable with. It is all-inclusive.

You are a very beautiful group of people and without doubt one of the most exquisite gifts is being together as contemplative, thoughtful, sensitive, heart centred and aware beings, waking up together.

Praise for Kickass Kundalini:

Here is what folks have shared about their Kickass Kundalini experience so far:

“This was a really rich and wonderful course! Myree has had so much experience with Kundalini-activated folks and has such a generous heart, that every class was a joy. There was a lot of content there that I hadn’t found elsewhere on the Internet. It was super practical and concise. She also attracts some really beautiful souls so the group field on the calls was wonderful, especially the coaching parts. The Facebook group is lovely too and super supportive. It also gave me a structure and stages to explain Kundalini and my practical needs to my Mum and my Dad who I’m living with. They’re a bit bewildered by me and sometimes frosty, then this course gave me the confidence to lay out and explain why I’m not doing the things normal 26 year olds do. I now see and work with Kundalini as a friend and want to help her rather than fight her. My only wish is I’d found this course about 2 years earlier and it would have prevented some enormous stress and grief. This course is incredibly valuable to anyone finding the awakening process challenging.”

Alex, England.

“Myree sets the energy for this course in a wonderfully grounded and open-hearted way. She clearly values her students in their individuality and diversity, and does not try to change or fix anyone, only to honour and support us as we grow. I’ve received much simple joy from participating in her class, which has brought more grace into my life and my Kundalini awakening.”

DT, Reno

“This course is for me a beautiful balance between theory and structure, and experiential practices. Myree creates a very loving, compassionate, safe healing space and container, where people can be met exactly where they are. The community gives an opportunity to connect, to learn from each other, and hear the diversity of all experiences as well to recognise that we are all going through the same (though unique) process. For me, that was really empowering and very deep and healing. The online learning platform is wonderful, where we are able to go back, where there are audio’s where she explained questions, extra bonus classes, and all meditations. Myree is very generous with her love and care, as well as to share all the material that can be used to further integrate all the healing and shifts that occurred during the course. I feel deeply grateful that it is possible to do this online (and not have to travel across the ocean) to hear, and experience and learn from Myree’s wisdom.”

Esther, Sweden

“I had been struggling with symptoms of a Kundalini awakening for some time. I had no idea at time what was going on with when one of my gorgeous friends said she thought I had had an awakening and told me about Myree. She said that she thought she would be the right lady to help me. I am so grateful to both of those beautiful ladies as Myree has been such a source of support and knowledge for me. I experienced a spontaneous awakening while driving on the West Gate Bridge in Melbourne and had absolutely no idea what it was or who to turn to for advice. I struggled along on my own and made a lot of my symptoms worse by reading a lot and overstimulating myself. Myree’s class has been so helpful in helping me to understand the process of what is happening to me and how to stabilise the energy. I feel so much more balanced and relaxed and comforted to know that there are others out there like me who are going through the same amazing process. If you have experienced an awakening or are in the process of awakening this course is a must do! I truly don’t know where I would be without it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Myree xxx”

Krystal, Melbourne

“I found Myree through one of my favorite oracles: The Internet! I was looking for a Kundalini expert to help me on my journey with Kundalini. From my very first session with her, I found her knowledge and ability to “see” to be quite valuable. I have left every session with a greater sense of wholeness and well being. I have also worked with Myree in a group format, both in person and online. I highly recommend her courses as well as her individual work. She is very down to earth and approachable. Thank you Myree!”

Mel Hofmann, Fine Artist, Berkeley, CA USA

How does it work?

Kickass Kundalini Lab is a monthly online class for people who have completed the live Kickass Kundalini training.

Each month you have the chance to suggest topics and attend a two-hour online class with Myree.

You will meet once a month on the Zoom video platform. Classes will generally be on Fridays USA PST, and occasionally on a Saturday USA PST depending on Myree’s travel and teaching schedule.

Class Schedule for Semester 1, 2020

We will meet at 1pm PST, which is generally in the evening in Europe and 8am EST Australia the next morning.

  • Saturday, January 18
  • Friday, February 14
  • Friday, April 3
  • Friday, May 1

Please note there is no class in March due to Myree teaching in Australia, we resume early April.


Participants must have completed the Kickass Kundalini Live training.


Early bird investment for a semester access pass of four classes is US$197 if purchased by January 12, 2020. After January 12 investment is US$247.

A two part payment plan of two payments of US$99 is also available at the early bird rate by January 12.

To participate in Kickass Kundalini Lab you will need to purchase a four-month access pass. Each pass is valid for the four-class semester of the Lab which starts on January 18, 2020 USA PST and completes in May, 2020.

Refund Policy

Refunds are only offered up to 14 days prior to the course starting. Refunds are not available after this period nor once the course has started.

Course Recordings

Recordings of each class will be made available inside the course pod after it has completed. Recordings remain the copyright of Myree Morsi.