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Do you long for the knowledge, wisdom and skills to navigate your kundalini awakening and harmonise it with the demands of your everyday life?

Would a map of your specific kundalini journey help you feel more confident in the wild and often mysterious unfolding of consciousness within you?

Could integrating the benefits, gifts and goodness of awakening support you?

If so, please join me in Kickass Kundalini Online training.

I am passionate about supporting smart, sensitive, big-hearted men and women to awaken in savvy, resourceful and sustainable ways in the midst of modern, often pressurized lives.

In this practical, online training you will acquire knowledge and skills to have a kick-ass and functional kundalini awakening.

One of the biggest challenges of going through a Kundalini Awakening is how to simultaneously live a balanced, functional and enjoyable everyday life. How to go to work, care for your body, raise children, manage Kundalini symptoms and be in relationships while in the midst of a profound internal transformation.

This dance of balance walking between the worlds of awakening and everyday life is my greatest passion! I am committed to you having a stable, safe, gentle and functional kundalini awakening and being able to live well throughout the process. This is just the beginning of my definition of a kick-ass kundalini process.

This course is a practical and useful blend of supportive information and practical exercises, inner work, self discovery, tips and tools to support you in your kundalini awakening. And all held in a loving, sacred community with others going through the journey with you.

You will explore and discover the three distinct awakening processes of Kundalini Shakti, Decent of Shakti and radiant, effusive Shakti, and what they may mean for you. There will be a strong emphasis on embodied awakening for this is the most process of awakening for the body and everyday life.

What is your embodied awakening?

It is awakening (and awakening process) that is grounded in and through your body, through your cells, tissues and energetics. It is integrated through your energetic system, your aura and consciousness. It penetrates your ethics, values, beliefs systems, and how you live your life as an awakening person on every level.

Embodied awakening is whole. It engages and infuses through all of you, bringing its qualities such as peace, calm, freedom, wisdom, love, compassion and bliss into your life.

You will also discover Shakti medicine; the power, transformative potential and healing resources of divine Shakti; and how to work with Shakti in your life and in your awakening journey. You will learn how to cultivate a loving relationship with Shakti in your own life. You will understand and experience how Shakti indeed is true medicine.

This is a unique course where you will have the chance to explore, understand and cultivate your relationship with your own Kundalini/Descent of Shakti awakening process in a direct, practical and meaningful way.

You benefit immensely from the awakening process being functional.

A functional awakening process allows you to participate in your life deeply, and supports you to function as well and as fully as possible in the every day world, while you are undergoing deep transformation.

This course has a clear intent to support you in knowing how to balance Shakti process demands with the needs of your everyday life.

Awakening is the passion of my life. This course is a sharing of my experiences and wisdom with awakening through all three of these Shakti process (Kundalini, decent and radiant Shakti) in my own wild and rich journey, and through the gift of working with clients and their awakening for more than 20 years.

In this course you will have the opportunity to learn:

  • What is awakening
  • What is Kundalini and what is happening to you in a Kundalini process
  • Know the symptoms, experiences, self-care required in a Kundalini or a Shakti process
  • Learn about Descent of Shakti, its activation, transmission and relationship with Kundalini
  • Understand the importance of processing your feeling life during a Shakti process, and not bypass it
  • Discover the importance of being functional during your process and how to support this
  • Learn the value of grounding the Shakti process and tools to accomplish this
  • Find out how to map and master the purification processes of awakening
  • Understand how to be guided by your inner movement of Shakti and your intuition
  • Learn how to work with blocks to the passage of Shakti in your body and chakra system
  • Create and cultivate a relationship with your Kundalini. A healthy relationship is essential and empowering.  You can become a team with your Kundalini.
  • Discover how to utilise the energy and consciousness of Kundalini in your own healing journey
  • Learn how to support yourself through Kundalini healing crises, and build your own urgent care tool-kit
  • Understand the phases of Kundalini, what the progression of awakening looks like and how to utilise the expansion of consciousness Kundalini brings as she advances
  • Explore and integrate the blessings of awakening: bliss, joy contentment, satisfaction, freedom and the truth of who you are.
  • Experience your own radiant nature, pure awareness
  • And so much more……

This course will be full of practices, tips, tools, solutions, inner work, sharing, and lots of time for questions and answers. You will receive practical guidance you can use in your everyday life.

It is designed to allow you to be empowered in your awakening journey. Kick-Ass Kundalini is suitable for anyone going through Kundalini or Descent of Shakti process, or anyone who would love to learn about these processes. This is also a rare and sacred opportunity to enjoy connection and community with those who are also going through Shakti processes. The course will be held in a deeply loving, sacred and safe framework, which allows you to learn, grow, explore and have fun.

I love holding group spaces which allow a loving and meaningful connection; provide a spiritual retreat; give you an opportunity to dive deep into your essence, and receive recognition and nourishment of your spiritual nature and spiritual needs, both of which are often deeply neglected in our busy, stressful culture and lifestyles. So expect to feel and be nurtured. This class will be held in a beautiful, gentle, safe and wonderful online environment that will support the sacred atmosphere and intention of this journey. If you cannot make the class live you can still participate. Everyone will be sent a link to the recording after the class has completed.

The Power Of Awakened Community for You:

Be uplifted by loving, positive awakened community of Kickass Kundalini so you no longer feel isolated or alone on your Kundalini journey.  Waking up can generate a lot of change, loss and distance in relationships. Believe me, I know this myself on my journey through Kundalini. Let the Kickass Kundalini Community be medicine for both the heart and the spirit as you journey through the course with other smart, sensitive, big-hearted students.

Enjoy a private, online course forum where you can make new friends, share resources, stories, and experiences and build connection.

In this sacred container of community you will grow, heal, discover and expand together and be seen, appreciate, encouraged and supported.

Together we rise up.

Course Structure:

  • 3 two-hour online video classes (via Zoom), with course content and plenty of time for questions and answers and individual coaching.
  • A two-hour online class (open to the larger community to purchase and attend this one class) focusing on the Descent Of Shakti with opportunities for Q & A and coaching
  • Two one-hour online Q & A sessions with dedicated time also for individual and group coaching
  • All classes are recorded and uploaded to your online course membership site for your own personal, ongoing access
  • Bonus recorded guided meditations to support you with Kundalini
  • Additional recorded bonus videos with tips, tools and suggestions for your awakening and Kundalini self care
  • A private online group forum to connect and enjoy community

More than 11 hours of practical content to nurture you and your awakening.

Course Dates:

Class One: Sunday, November 17, 2019

Class Two: Friday, November 22, 2019

Class Three: Friday, December 6, 2019

Class Four: Friday, December 13, 2019

Coaching Class One: Friday, November 29, 2019

Coaching Class Two: Friday, December 20, 2019

All Classes held at the following time:

1pm USA PDT, 4pm USA EDT.

This equates to 9pm UK time and 10pm European Central Time.

For Australians the classes will be 8am Australian EDT the next morning.

All classes will be recorded and made available in the online course site.


US$397, with earlybird discount of US$247 if you join the class by November 10.

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Further Information:


There are no pre-requisites for this course. If you have a Kundalini awakening, suspect you may be in a Kundalini process or are curious and interested to discover more about Kundalini you are welcome to join this training program.

Refund Policy

Refunds are only offered up to 14 days prior to the course starting. Refunds are not available after this period nor once the course has started.

Course Recordings

Participants will receive a link to a recording of each class after it has completed. Recordings remain the copyright and property of Myree Morsi and recordings from this course maybe repurposed by Myree Morsi for other training programs and purposes.