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You have crafted powerful new spirit teams and started building your skills and abilities working with your beautiful teams in Spirit Magic 1.

You have accomplished healing, explored new frontiers with your team and surprised yourself with your gifts and abilities.

Now we are going to build further so that you have a rich and effective toolkit of ways of working with your team in a multitude of situations.

We will explore many different areas of Spirit Magic including

  • Relationships
  • Creative projects
  • Co-creation with Spirit
  • Healing and clearing different kinds of energies and energetic self care
  • Building a more evolved, high speed, effective communication system with your team that build on what you have (people love this!)
  • And so much more.

In these classes you will receive:

  • Powerful new healing tools
  • Play and explore with your teams in innovative ways and explore with others
  • Refine your ability to heal with your team
  • Clarify your understanding of spiritual healing concepts and knowledge
  • Unfold stuck places, uncertainties and fears when healing and growing with your team and in your own life
  • Collaborate with your teams on projects, ventures and growing edges
  • Receive expert coaching and guidance from Myree and your teams
  • Bring all these new abilities to any area of your life
  • Be part of a safe, sacred Spirit Magic community
  • Watch your life blossom and your evolution speed up with these new skills and co-creation with your team
  • And have a lot of Spirit Magic fun!

In this course expect to grow at a rapid rate. Those who have participated in this online continuum expanded on their spiritual growth and life path at a high speed, and in profound way that was both mind blowing and inspiring. And this will be available for you too.

It is very powerful to gather in sacred space, with your spirit teams and continue to hone your gifts, to learn more about your team and deepen your relationship to them. You will gain a lot of expert knowledge to consolidate your foundation as a spirit magician.

The tools and growth from Spirit Magic 1 Online Continuum will build a powerful foundation for Spirit Magic 2 early next year.

This program will be collaborative at heart, with participants having the ongoing opportunity to request areas they would like to focus upon as the program unfolds. Myree will craft the classes to include your needs as much as possible.


This course is only available for participants in the Spirit Magic 1 in person training.


Four two-hour monthly classes and one bonus class


Monthly in 2020.

Either Friday evening, or Saturday morning.

Class 1: 8.30am Saturday, June 20

Class 2: 8.30am Saturday, July 18

Class 3 and 4 TBA asap


Each class will be recorded for you to listen to again or if you cannot make it to class. The benefits of this class are gained most from your attendance and participation.


Early bird US$177, and after June 5, US$277.00

Payment plans are available for this training.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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