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Make your Kundalini awakening safe, stable and sustainable. Fulfill your spiritual calling, enhance your modern lifeIt’s time to awaken to the truth of who you are.


But how do you go through a Kundalini awakening while simultaneously living a balanced, functional and enjoyable life?

Learn how to dance between the worlds of personal awakening and everyday life with the help of an expert teacher who has helped thousands through their awakening.

Kickass Kundalini by Myree Morsi is the perfect blend of clarifying information and practical exercises. Learn Myree’s proven tips and tools for the inner work of self-discovery, all held in a loving, sacred community with others going through the awakening journey with you.

Struggling through your Kundalini awakening?

These signs of a Kundalini awakening are normal. But Kundalini awakening expert, Myree Morsi, will show you how to move through them in less time and with more reward.

  • You’re struggling to feel safe, stable and functional.
  • Trauma and personal history are taking over your thoughts faster and more powerfully than you can cope with, process or make sense of.
  • It feels like an overwhelming, foreign presence is taking over your body or life. 
  • You cannot find the energy to manage your everyday commitments. 
  • You’re trying but struggling to make sense of each phase of this profound journey.
  • You feel alone, longing for a fun, loving, safe community of people on the Kundalini awakening path as well. You wish you could get advice, support, and comfort from this community. 

Get 22+ hours of practical content that will transform how you awaken, from the leading expert in Kundalini awakening, Myree Morsi

  • The Kickass Kundalini Self-Care Guidebook
  • 4 live online group coaching classes
  • 4 pre-recorded classes
  • 9 guided meditations for each awakening step
  • 3 bonus videos on trauma, sensitivity and relationships
  • Extra videos and audios: tips and tools for awakening and self-care
  • Private Facebook group & Q+A livestreams with Myree
  • Lifetime access to the class recordings
  • + much more!

You are not alone in your awakening. Get live guidance & support from a loving heart with 20+ years of experience.

Myree Morsi, the Kundalini Awakening Expert

Myree Morsi is an Australian native and energetic healer with a masters degree in conflict resolution therapy. Myree’s work centers on three elements: her therapeutic background with trauma awareness, spiritual and energetic healing, and Kundalini awakening. 

She has helped people awaken for over 20 years through her expertise in somatic trauma therapy, traditional counseling, and process-oriented psychology, always mixing in spiritual and energetic healing. With Myree, you will surf through every layer of your unique human experience for lasting transformation down to your cellular level. 

Awakening is Myree’s passion. This course is a sharing of her experiences and wisdom gained from awakening through all three of the Shakti processes in her own wild and rich journey, and that of the thousands of people she has helped awaken.

Myree’s mission is to dive deep with smart, sensitive, big-hearted people to awaken in savvy, resourceful and sustainable ways in the midst of modern, often pressurized lives.

This course is an enormous gift. For $397, you will receive 8 hours of coaching with Myree for what is usually an investment of $1,600 or more.

Your awakening is a gift. Myree will teach you how to nurture it.

Understand what’s happening, now and through each stage.

Without an expert guide, the progression of awakening can cause feelings of confusion or even fear. 

Myree will help you understand the phases of your Kundalini awakening, what the progression of awakening looks like and how to utilise the expansion of consciousness Kundalini brings as she advances.

You will learn how to support yourself through Kundalini healing crises and build your own urgent care toolkit. This way, you will remain open to integrating the blessings of your awakening: bliss, joy, contentment, satisfaction, freedom and the truth of who you are. 

Understanding your awakening will help you experience your own radiant nature, pure awareness.

Learn functional skills for real, modern life.

How do you go to work, care for your body, raise children, manage Kundalini symptoms and be in relationships while in the midst of a profound internal transformation?

The Kickass Kundalini course is designed for your sustainable growth while you continue to participate in the world.

Instead of choosing between your deep awakening or your everyday life and responsibilities, Myree’s functional awakening process allows you to participate in your whole life deeply. It supports you to function well in the everyday world while you undergo deep transformation.

Embody your awakening with Shakti.

Feel like you’re drowning in your awakening? This is how you will harmoniously merge with it instead.

To embody your awakening is to be grounded in and through your body, through your cells, tissues and energetics. It is integrating it through your energetic system, your aura and consciousness. It penetrates your ethics, values, beliefs systems, and how you live your life as an awakening person on every level.

Embodied awakening is whole. It engages and infuses through all of you, bringing its qualities such as peace, calm, freedom, wisdom, love, compassion and bliss into your life.

Explore and personally define the three distinct awakening processes of Kundalini: Shakti, descent of Shakti, and radiant, effusive Shakti. Learn how to work in loving relationship with the healing resources of the divine Shakti in your life and in your awakening journey.

Learn and share in an awakened community.

Together, we rise. 

Waking up can generate a lot of change, loss and distance in relationships. This is a rare and sacred opportunity to enjoy connection and community with intelligent, sensitive, compassionate people going through the Kundalini awakening processes.

Expect to feel seen and be nurtured. This class will be held in a deeply loving, encouraging and safe container that will support the sacred atmosphere and intention of your journey.

Myree holds group spaces which allow for loving and meaningful connection, provide a spiritual retreat, give you the opportunity to dive deep into your essence, and receive recognition and nourishment of your spiritual nature and spiritual needs—both of which are often deeply neglected in our busy, stressful culture and lifestyles. 

In this course you will have the opportunity to learn:

  • What is awakening
  • What is Kundalini and what is happening to you in a Kundalini process
  • Know the symptoms, experiences, self-care required in a Kundalini or a Shakti process
  • Learn about Descent of Shakti, its activation, transmission and relationship with Kundalini
  • Understand the importance of processing your feeling life during a Shakti process, and not bypass it
  • Discover the importance of being functional during your process and how to support this
  • Learn the value of grounding the Shakti process and tools to accomplish this
  • Find out how to map and master the purification processes of awakening
  • Understand how to be guided by your inner movement of Shakti and your intuition
  • Learn how to work with blocks to the passage of Shakti in your body and chakra system
  • Create and cultivate a relationship with your Kundalini. A healthy relationship is essential and empowering.  You can become a team with your Kundalini.
  • Discover how to utilise the energy and consciousness of Kundalini in your own healing journey
  • Learn how to support yourself through Kundalini healing crises, and build your own urgent care tool-kit
  • Understand the phases of Kundalini, what the progression of awakening looks like and how to utilise the expansion of consciousness Kundalini brings as she advances
  • Explore and integrate the blessings of awakening: bliss, joy contentment, satisfaction, freedom and the truth of who you are.
  • Experience your own radiant nature, pure awareness
  • And so much more.

This course will be full of practices, tips, tools, solutions, inner work, sharing, and lots of time for questions and answers. You will receive practical guidance you can use in your everyday life.

People love Kickass Kundalini:

“This was a really rich and wonderful course! Myree has had so much experience with Kundalini-activated folks and has such a generous heart, that every class was a joy. There was a lot of content there that I hadn’t found elsewhere on the Internet. It was super practical and concise. She also attracts some really beautiful souls so the group field on the calls was wonderful, especially the coaching parts. The Facebook group is lovely too and super supportive. It also gave me a structure and stages to explain Kundalini and my practical needs to my Mum and my Dad who I’m living with. They’re a bit bewildered by me and sometimes frosty, then this course gave me the confidence to lay out and explain why I’m not doing the things normal 26 year olds do. I now see and work with Kundalini as a friend and want to help her rather than fight her. My only wish is I’d found this course about 2 years earlier and it would have prevented some enormous stress and grief. This course is incredibly valuable to anyone finding the awakening process challenging.”

Alex, England.

“Myree sets the energy for this course in a wonderfully grounded and open-hearted way. She clearly values her students in their individuality and diversity, and does not try to change or fix anyone, only to honour and support us as we grow. I’ve received much simple joy from participating in her class, which has brought more grace into my life and my Kundalini awakening.”

DT, Reno

“This course is for me a beautiful balance between theory and structure, and experiential practices. Myree creates a very loving, compassionate, safe healing space and container, where people can be met exactly where they are. The community gives an opportunity to connect, to learn from each other, and hear the diversity of all experiences as well to recognise that we are all going through the same (though unique) process. For me, that was really empowering and very deep and healing. The online learning platform is wonderful, where we are able to go back, where there are audio’s where she explained questions, extra bonus classes, and all meditations. Myree is very generous with her love and care, as well as to share all the material that can be used to further integrate all the healing and shifts that occurred during the course. I feel deeply grateful that it is possible to do this online (and not have to travel across the ocean) to hear, and experience and learn from Myree’s wisdom.”

Esther, Sweden

“I had been struggling with symptoms of a Kundalini awakening for some time. I had no idea at time what was going on with when one of my gorgeous friends said she thought I had had an awakening and told me about Myree. She said that she thought she would be the right lady to help me. I am so grateful to both of those beautiful ladies as Myree has been such a source of support and knowledge for me. I experienced a spontaneous awakening while driving on the West Gate Bridge in Melbourne and had absolutely no idea what it was or who to turn to for advice. I struggled along on my own and made a lot of my symptoms worse by reading a lot and overstimulating myself. Myree’s class has been so helpful in helping me to understand the process of what is happening to me and how to stabilise the energy. I feel so much more balanced and relaxed and comforted to know that there are others out there like me who are going through the same amazing process. If you have experienced an awakening or are in the process of awakening this course is a must do! I truly don’t know where I would be without it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Myree xxx”

Krystal, Melbourne

“I found Myree through one of my favorite oracles: The Internet! I was looking for a Kundalini expert to help me on my journey with Kundalini. From my very first session with her, I found her knowledge and ability to “see” to be quite valuable. I have left every session with a greater sense of wholeness and well being. I have also worked with Myree in a group format, both in person and online. I highly recommend her courses as well as her individual work. She is very down to earth and approachable. Thank you Myree!”

Mel Hofmann, Fine Artist, Berkeley, CA USA

Course Structure:

  • Four two-hour online video classes (pre-recorded), with course content and inner work and all the wisdom of Kickass Kundalini
  • Four two-hour LIVE monthly group coaching classes with dedicated time also for individual and group coaching and Q & A sessions (Myree is super generous and gives to the max)
  • Two bonus classes (pre-recorded): one on Kundalini and trauma, and one on Kundalini and sensitivity
  • Bonus community class on Kundalini and relationships (pre-recorded)
  • Bonus recorded guided meditations to support you with Kundalini which accompany each step of the journey
  • Additional recorded bonus videos and audios with tips, tools and suggestions for your awakening and Kundalini self care (Myree continually adds to these as needed).
  • Bonus: Access to the Sacred Sensitivity Yoga challenge for meditation resources to soothe and strengthen psychic and energetic protection, heal and organise your energetic system and stabilise Kundalini – these are so healing!
  • All live classes are recorded and uploaded to your online course membership site for your own personal access
  • A private online Facebook group forum to connect and enjoy community
  • Facebook livestreams with Myree to offer extra support and answer questions in the community about Kundalini and your personal process, plus short audio clips to answer to your questions too
  • The Kickass Kundalini Self Care Guide

More than 22+ hours of practical content to nurture you and your awakening, a loving community and live support!

Course Dates:

All dates are in Australian standard time. Please convert to your time zone using the class times below

Class One: Friday, December 3

Class Two: Friday, January 8

Class Three: Friday, February 5

Class Four: Friday, March 5

Please convert to your time zone from the class times below.

  • USA PST 1.30pm Thursdays
  • USA EST 4.30pm Thursdays
  • EU 10.30pm Thursdays
  • UK 9.30 pm Thursdays

Australia: 8.30am Australian Eastern time on Friday.

All classes will be recorded and made available in the online course site.


An early bird discount of US$397 is available if you join the class by November 24, 2020, after this date the course is $497.

A two-part payment plan is also available.

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We’re offering scholarships, too.

Priority is given to BIPOC folks as Myree’s commitment to support social change and bring healing and awakening help to those who often do not have easy access.

You can apply here:

Further Information:


There are no pre-requisites for this course. If you have a Kundalini awakening, suspect you may be in a Kundalini process or are curious and interested to discover more about Kundalini you are welcome to join this training program.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations can be made for a $20 administration fee up until November 24, 2020. After November 24 any cancellation will incur a $100 cancellation fee. No refunds are possible once the course has commenced on December 3.

Course Recordings

A recording of each live coaching class will be available in the course pod afterwards. Recordings remain the copyright and property of Myree Morsi and recordings from this course maybe repurposed by Myree Morsi for other training programs and purposes.

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