“I met Myree via an online article a former client of hers had written and had referenced her with great gratitude. When I found her site, it immediately resonated, and I knew I could trust her. She more than delivered. I have only accolades and a deep love for her.

When we first met, I was in a panic state, where I felt like shattered, scattered fragments of glass. It was through her love, compassion, and skill that I can truly say that I am both stabilized and enhanced as I have since come to know joy once again.

To me, Myree is more than a healer; she is a divine gift to all who are touched by her presence in their lives. Not only is she supportive, compassionate, and non judgmental, she provides a very safe space to open up, grow, unfold, and find peace.

When we meet, (via skype) it feels more like sharing time with my best friend; I am always confident I safe, and thus better, in her presence. She is instrumental in seeing clairvoyantly and feeling empathically, where and how the energy is moving. As a result she has brought me to a place of functional capability, even while laughing and finding lightness in the midst of heaviness and often time tears.

I am eternally gratefully to Myree.”

J Blake, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

“I experienced an unexpected, uninvited, unprepared for Kundalini awakening a year ago. Before discovering Myree, I had been through 8 other energy practitioners and had experienced 10 months of excruciating, unrelenting headaches. Life had become totally unmanageable and I had reached the point where I simply could not function. In desperation I texted her prepared to be either ignored or told that I would have to wait 3 weeks for an appointment. Miracle of miracles, she responded within 24 hours with loving words of hope and comfort and set up an initial phone call within a couple of days. Since working with her the headaches have STOPPED and have not returned. That said, I have made more progress in 3-1/2 months of working with Myree then in 10 years of traditional therapy. For the first time (in a very long time) I have hope and am secure in the knowledge that everything is going to be all right!”

Elizabeth, California, USA

“For over three years Myree has slowly, patiently, compassionate and skillfully helped me stabilize a very unstable Kundalini Rising/Descent process. It was driven in part by my own condition and life-decisions and partly driven by following guidance form well intentioned helpers that was making my process worse and more unstable.

The depth of help she continues to render is as wide as it is deep, beyond any helper in this process I have every met or worked. The combination of knowledge from her own journey with this process, her training as a in-depth process psychotherapist and her own commitment to skillfulness and humility, creates a safe environment for the psychological, energetic and consciousness element of the kundalini/shakti process. The client gets facilitation to fully participate in their own awakening and stabilizing process while being in charge of their life.

Most importantly she is mentally and emotional healthy, unlike so many helpers in this very challenging area of psychology and spirituality. She does her own personal work and it is noticeable.

If you are recovering from unhelpful or possible harmful prior help from others or spiritual groups, Myree can be a central figure both in your recovery process while helping your awakening and stabilizing process move forward toward living your life most fully!”

SH, San Francisco, CA, USA.

“Myree is one of the few people I recommend as a true healer. Combining the rare combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skill with a profound love and compassion.

For those who doubt I ask that you suspend your scepticism to allow yourself to feel the power of her work, because feel it you will as I did when she performed a healing over the phone. For some time I had suffered a dull ache in the back of the neck radiating into both head and shoulders accompanied by a heavy depressed feeling. This pain was not constant but would fluctuate. As Myree worked I felt huge shifts all through the area and a feeling of lightness as if a weight had been lifted. I continued to feel slight shifts throughout the day and have not suffered since.”

Kay Dunn, Melbourne, Australia.

“Myree has been part of my journey back to love and light for the past ten years. I have witnessed many changes and much growth in her as well as myself in this time. Myree is always evolving and growing allowing who she is counselling to do the same. Her beautiful quiet manner inspires a sense of trust and sacredness at the same time her strength inspires confidence. Myree is an amazing healer who works from the heart and is a clear channel for the inner plain masters to work through. I would not hesitate recommending Myree as a clear and loving light on your journey home to love.”

Amanda Williams,  Melbourne Victoria.

“The time I spent with Myree was profound.
It was gentle and it was a blessing.
I was pregnant and I believe my son enjoyed the benefits of my sessions with Myree.”

DM, Melbourne, Australia

“With Myree’s support I was able to transcend a life time of  personal challenges.”

Graeme, Melbourne, Australia

“I came to Myree at a time I needed to make an enormous life decision.  I was vulnerable and confused.  I knew I needed to help find the me within the myriad voices in my head pulling me this way and that, and with deep meditation work with her I was able to find enough clarity.  To know something intellectually is one thing, to understand something on a deeper level, is something altogether different.  A year later I was back in Australia and I sought out Myree to work on the aftermath of my decision. I knew from the previous year that she was someone I could easily work with for the rest of my life because there is always something interior to explore, no matter what frame of mind one is in. As it happens I was still incredibly vulnerable, even though I had been strong in other ways. With her guidance we named and explored deep seated fears, long held core beliefs and my particular patterns. The work I did with Myree this time around was even more powerful than what had come before. There were a lot of emotional releases, I lot of moments of pure bliss, a lot of grounding. I have no idea how I would have waded through the remnants of my life without her. I always felt safe. I never felt judged. I only felt love and support.  She is a jewel of exquisite beauty….who helped me determine that I am a diamond too!”

Lisa, Melbourne, Australia.

“Meeting Myree was one of those moments in life where everything changed. It is a delightful bookmark in my history, a time when I truly began to walk and voice and practise being my spiritual self, as an adult, in safety. I found someone so filled with light and love that my hurt and isolation began to drop away instantly; I was ready to connect and Myree’s expertise guided me to my soul, spirit and to source. It was such a process of loving discovery (and continues to be) and my energetic change was so immediately clear that I knew deeply in my heart I had so much to learn from this amazing angelic woman. I first had a one-on-one healing session that was absolutely mind-blowing and inspiring and then attended every meditation group class Myree held. I think I missed two evenings because I went to India for the first time at the end of this incredible bookmarked year, and I certainly haven’t looked back from this time when I began to ground and meditate and truly open. Everything has flowed from this point where my priorities in life became clear; meditate, love, heal, awaken, with one step in front of the other. These words may fail to express the magic and power of this wise and sacred healer, I hope not. Myree was the guiding light for me from being habitually self-destructive and negative to changing my ways to making good decisions and truly loving. Blessed be.”

Rachel Delany, Torquay, Australia.

“Myree is a wonderful therapist, using her professional experience, as well as her natural sensitivity and intuitive insight, to enable healing on so many levels. At the same time, she is a wise teacher and guide, encouraging self-empowerment and self-awareness through understanding the unconscious patterns and influences which limit our life experience, as well as offering practical advice and teaching the life skills needed to take charge of our own journeys.

I’m now able to work through many life challenges alone, and create positive directions for myself, with the understandings and skills gained through my work with Myree. However, I still benefit from her support at those times when I feel life has hit a bit of a road-block and I can’t clearly see what the hold-up is. She never fails to help me shift the next layer and get things moving again.

Just a few weeks ago, a short phone session with Myree initiated an expansion process which is continuing to unfold in wonderfully surprising ways, even now. She just really gets right to the heart of things. And I feel that my shifts have become quicker and more potent the longer I’ve worked with her. It’s like Myree has come to know my system, which makes her work more efficient. At the same time, I’ve become less resistant and more allowing because I’ve learnt to trust her and trust the process so much more.

I recognise that it was I who made the choices and took the steps which have brought me to the gorgeous place I’m in today, but it was Myree who helped me uncover my own special gifts and find the courage to share them with the world, and it was Myree who helped me to recognise and accept my own worthiness.

This enlightened woman has an incredible way of reflecting what is most beautiful and most lovable and most powerful in you, in such a way that you can no longer pretend that you can’t see it. And she makes you feel so completely okay about being great, and expressing your greatness in life, that you can’t help but go out there and do it!

This is truly the greatest gift I have ever received.”

Katie, Bacchus Marsh, Australia