I love working with and unfolding body symptoms. After more than 20 years learning to listen to the body whilst supporting my clients and loved ones, and journeying with my own illness, I have discovered a deep love and trust in the process of the body.

Our body is speaking to us, all the time, about hunger and sleep and cold and pleasure, and what feels good and what feels not so good in our lives. This body voice is so natural. Furthermore our bodies are a means for us to listen to our felt sense intuition, our gut instincts, our heart’s desires and what that niggling pain in the neck is telling us.

Our bodies are also a forum for our deeper, essential nature to speak to us about how we are living our lives.

The body and its parts communicate about our emotional hurts, our stress, grief, loneliness, depression, anxieties and fears.

They may link us to something which shows up only in our night dreams.

They may speak about the part of us we ignore, the innate gifts and passions we have anxiously run from all our lives or abandoned, or suggest the mythic life dreams we barely dare to mention.

They may shout about repressed suffering or abuse which suddenly demands to be healed, while our nerves may shake with terrible memories we can no longer supress or ignore.

Body symptoms may not only be signals of issues which need to be attended on the physical level  with medical or holistic treatment, vitamins, adjustment or surgery  but point to inner healing needed for our mind, heart and soul, of which the body is an intricate and beloved part.

How do they do this? They ache and throb with pain, they contort and break, and they get fatigued and worn out. We get sick. We get terrible prognosis. Sometimes we discover we are dying.

What is my Body trying to tell me?

I feel like my body is shouting at me, trying everything it can to tell me what I need to know, banging on bells and rumbling in my body, I just don’t seem to be able to hear it. I know it is speaking to me, it wants to be soothed.

This is a comment made by a friend of mine, struggling with a serious and mysterious illness. Does such a knowing sound familiar? When I listened to him describe his symptoms, it was amazing how much information and knowledge he had, without realizing it.

Spontaneously, we just played with some of this information and his healing process unfolded into a clear message about how he needed to include his vulnerable, sensitive and deeply spiritual self into his life; to stand up for, and with, this part of himself and listen to its valuable guidance.

This part of him was beautiful but marginalised, split off from his everyday self, and was struggling to come back into his view. His physical pain was the only voice it could find. Including this part in his life was the beginning of his body healing, the soothing of inflammation and pain.

Journeying from Body Symptoms to Healing and Transformation

Over more than a decade, I have journeyed with people as they unfold their body symptoms, discover the deeper connections and essence through their physical issues.

As a result I have witnessed people not only heal and transform their physical pain, but their inner suffering as well. I have been inspired as people connect with essence, and their inner body-held guidance.

Following this guidance had led them to change careers, fall in love, have families, improve relationships, learn to dance, start a meaningful business, or move overseas to fulfil a life dream.

Body symptoms have led people to become yoga teachers, holistic practitioners and intrepid travellers. They have led many to discover a deep inner peace. They can lead us to become more whole, more open, and more compassionate to ourselves and others.

Over the years I have worked with a wide variety of symptoms and health problems:

  • Chronic pain and illness
  • Niggling, annoying occasional symptoms
  • Cancer and Tumours
  • Genetic conditions
  • Life threatening conditions
  • Traumatic injury
  • Coma
  • Spinal and back pain
  • Broken bones, sprains, ligament damage
  • Headaches
  • Inflammatory conditions
  • Heart pain
  • Fertility, menstrual and womb issues
  • Major surgery, including mastectomies, organ removal, emergency procedures
  • Mysterious, unexplained symptoms which are inconclusive but troublesome

The Journey of Death and Dying

I have also had the profound privilege to support people through the process of dying, in a conscious and loving way.

I am in awe and deep respect of the intimate sharing of how each person meets and journeys with the process of dying, and the way their essence and body uniquely emerge to speak to them, and to others.

Working with the body while dying can unfold completion of life events, and the uncovering of deep wisdom, healing and peace as our lives flow to their ending.

Medical Support Program

I also offer a Medical Support Program, supporting and balancing you on all levels as you go through medical procedures and recovery programs.

“Thank you so much, Myree, for your calming support and for organising a spiritual medical team to guide and be with me and my physical medical team, and for holding me in a positive healing light.

All of this really eased and contributed to my feeling more at peace, in between moments of fear, from the time of my diagnosis, through and after my operation, up until now.

I’m really grateful and feel really blessed to have you in my life.”

Sylvia, Melbourne, Australia