The 2022 Goodie Bag

This year has been a year of doors, borders, airports, and lives opening up again around the world. We have all continued to hold awareness of well-being and best practices as we manage the changes in our lives. 

In 2022, I have created and shared so many original free classes, guided mediations, blog articles, meditations, an e-book, BIPOC scholarships and so much more. And over delivered in every program I offered.

Generosity is definitely one of my core values. And I have loved every minute of it.

I feel more connected to you, my dear community than ever before.

I know these offerings have been supportive, nurturing, and life-changing for many people.

Thats A Wrap Blog woman hand to heart

As a thank you for joining me in 2022, we have made a goodie bag of beautiful offerings we have built over the last two years for you to enjoy.

Explore the goodie bag below that has free classes from Spirit Magic programs and more: 

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season.

With love,

Myree Morsi handwritten signature, soul guide, transformational therapist, Kundalini awakening expert

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*Goodie Bag Links are only available for two weeks from Dec 13, 2022. Thank you!

Will this be the year you activate your gifts and up-level your life path?

Calling all sensitives and empaths, soulful leaders, Kundalini awakeners, and the spiritually curious! 

Take a look at Myree’s online courses to find the one that’s calling to your spirit.

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