In my work with people, and my own personal exploration, I have come to experience that a specific kind of purpose shines through the beauty of people’s awakening.

I find it both compelling and incredibly beautiful and I bow my heart before it.

It is pure, luminous, often intense, sometimes insistent or unrelenting, and has a momentum and a calling all of it’s own.

People often discover the early flirts of this purpose show up as knowings, images, visions, messages, inner guidance, heart felt yearnings and longings or signs.  That there is a very specific destiny, a defined purpose, that is shining through the vast consciousness an individual is awakening to. A purpose for this individual to unravel, play with and fulfill.

Sometimes we have had a sense of this calling all our life and awakening simply lights it up more fully and expands it.

I call this awakened purpose.

It is different from a purpose that emerges from the level of ego, nor is it something that we ascribe to from the level of mind. It shines through from the vastness of who we are. We can sense the immense energy and beauty of it by tuning into it’s essence.

While others can tell us their sense or intuition of what our purpose may be (and they may be correct), the truth of it is felt and known within.

From coming into direct contact with this purpose, you connect with the energy, drive, vision, infinite resources and abilities needed to express and follow this purpose forward into being. You become one with it.

To do so is profoundly satisfying and a deepening of oneness, and allows one to exist in the powerful flow of your deepest nature, flowing into being.

I am noticing that as awakening goes viral on this planet, and more and more people shift into higher levels of consciousness that awakened purpose is showing up more consistently and insistently, vividly through the awakening process.

For the past decade I have been mentoring people in connecting to, knowing, communing with and living out their awakened purpose.  This sacred work is an honour and it is also my own “awakened purpose”, one which I was shown in a vision at the age of seventeen, amidst an inspirational speech I was giving at a conference. This vision permeated the speech so profoundly that afterwards people many times my age came up to me for guidance and mentoring in the moments afterwards and I received a lot of career offers. My awakened purpose had been activated.

I believe this awakened purpose is key to the healing and evolution of humanity and this planet.

I believe that if many souls fulfill their awakened purpose it can actively change the direction of the environmental crises on this planet and the stresses that we face as a species.

I believe we can raise the vibration and level of consciousness on this planet in a way that allows us to access higher levels of genius to transform and solve global issues.

I believe that everyone’s awakened purpose is precious and important and worthy of being envisioned, followed, and fulfilled.

We need the deepest dreaming that shines through your awakening alive, nurtured, and expressed on this planet.

Awakened Purpose shows up so differently in people’s lives and this is such a delight to experience. It is a unique expression for each individual. And it is truly possible to fulfill it. I have witnessed and been present to the success of this many times over in my career as a healer, counselor, and coach.

If you sense a purpose flowing through your awakening, a vision that moves you, a direction nudging you or a knowing that calls deeply, and you would like to connect and explore it and follow it in to form, then I would be honored to support you to explore, connect and fulfill its greatest expression.

Please email me via the contact page for more information and support.

You are welcome to book a free, 15-minute consultation to connect and explore your awakened purpose via the contact page.

I look forward to connecting.